Volume: Cooking for a Community

Volume: Cooking for a Community



Volume : Cooking for a Community is a cookbook that celebrates the beloved recipes and community atmosphere that have profoundly shaped the experience at Pioneer Camp Manitoba. 

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Over the past five years, Sharon Steward has managed the food service program at Pioneer Camp Manitoba and has seen first hand what the impact of a healthful, balanced, home cooked menu can have on a community. Aligned with the camp ethos, every meal is eaten ‘family style’, which is one inspiration for the cookbook’s focus on meals prepared for the family and for the larger community – be it a menu for five people, 85 people, or more! 

Sought after recipes included in the cookbook – like this Sunday lunch spread – have been tried, tested, and devoured over the years, and provide a trusted basis for any meal plan. Inspiring stories from camp related to food and feeding the masses are tucked throughout, and speak to the importance of eating together and nourishing the whole person.


Locals can pick up their books at:

Pioneer Camp Manitoba Office
75 Albert Street  Winnipeg, Manitoba

Please call 204-788-1070 to arrange a pick up time from the Camp office.